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Why choose a make-​up artist for your wed­ding day

There are so many things to con­sider in prepa­ra­tion for your wed­ding day, and I would con­sider hav­ing a make-​up artists as a pri­or­ity (a lit­tle bias I know), obvi­ously not loos­ing sight of what the day is about, your com­mit­ment to each other.

The morn­ing of your wed­ding day should be a pam­per­ing, relax­ing and enjoy­able start of your day hav­ing your hair and make-​up done by a pro­fes­sional.

The mem­ory of your day is going to be your pho­tographs or video so to look your best, make-​up is a must. There is a skill to apply­ing make-​up for photography/​video it can be used to enhance your fea­tures and no you don’t need to be caked in it, but wear­ing a block of colour such a ivory or white will drain you of colour so your dress becomes the focus point of the pic­ture, and no mat­ter how beau­ti­ful it is I can assure you your part­ner will want to see you. The make-​up appli­ca­tion should work in doors, out­side and through into the evening with­out you hav­ing to touch it. The only prod­ucts you will need for the day is your lip­stick or gloss to reap­ply after you have eaten and a pow­der com­pact just in case you get a lit­tle hot this will reduce your shine for those that party hard.