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Wed­ding Make-​up, Will I still look like me?

When I see Brides for their consultation/​practice one of the things I am asked is, “will I still look like me?”

Some peo­ple do actu­ally look totally trans­formed when they wear make-​up for exam­ple Kate Moss she takes on a num­ber of guises from rock chick to sophis­ti­cated super model.

When a pro­fes­sional has com­pleted your make-​up appli­ca­tion, you will/​should look dif­fer­ent, on your wed­ding day you will have a won­der­ful wed­ding dress and be happy with an excited glow about you. It will be you but dif­fer­ent in a good way you are about to start a new chap­ter in your life.

Before I apply your make-​up I look at your indi­vid­ual face shape, skin type lis­ten to what t it is you want before I come up with a look, which will work. Colours will be cho­sen to com­pli­ment the colours you have cho­sen for your wed­ding party and a make-​up appli­ca­tion applied which will work indoors out doors and from day through to evening.

Pro­fes­sion­als do there very best to make you look even more beau­ti­ful for your wed­ding day. You are our best adver­tise­ment, and it is def­i­nitely you!

Make Up Before PictureMake Up After Picture