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Well, after a long break I am start­ing up my blog again. This first blog is all about me, but my blogs will be back on track after this.

Last year, I was diag­nosed with breast can­cer through a rou­tine mam­mo­gram. I had a biopsy, a call back and was told I had breast can­cer. Noth­ing can pre­pare you for that. Within 2 weeks I had a lumpec­tomy, fol­lowed by a mas­tec­tomy and recon­struc­tion. I am very lucky it was caught in time and that I didn’t have to have radio­ther­apy or chemotherapy.

I have met some won­der­ful, brave women on this jour­ney and I wish you all the very best of health and hap­pi­ness wher­ever you are.

I was lucky that our hos­pi­tal had started rou­tine mam­mo­grams for women from the age of 45 years. I had no symp­toms or vis­i­ble lumps and was healthy. So, ladies make time and go for these rou­tine checks.

I would like to thank all my fam­ily and friends for their sup­port and help through this very dif­fi­cult time. And of course, a big thank you to Clat­ter­bridge Hos­pi­tal the consultants/​surgeons, nurs­ing staff and my GP. I could not have got through this with­out you.