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When choos­ing brushes, I would firstly decide on how much you want to invest, most make-​up artists have built up their kits over a num­ber of years pick­ing and choos­ing the tools they enjoy using most.

A good qual­ity brush, if you look after it cor­rectly, could be a one-​off buy. So when choos­ing a good qual­ity brush, check the den­sity of the bris­tles they should be com­pact, soft and should not shed.

For a starter brush kit you will need the fol­low­ing brushes: -

Foun­da­tion brush – syn­thetic flat or round

Eye­shadow – a wide flat brush, which can be used for cov­er­ing the whole Eye area with shadow

Eye­shadow blended – a nat­ural round soft long bris­tle brush designed for blend­ing eyeshadow

Eye­liner brush – a small bris­tle brush stiff can be used wet or dry to apply a pre­cise line

Blusher brush – a soft round shaped brush not too big no larger than the apples of your cheeks

Lip Brush – Firm long syn­thetic bris­tled brush shaped to a point used for the pre­ci­sion appli­ca­tion of lip­stick gloss etc.

Pow­der Brush – A large soft nat­ural bris­tled brush, which can be used for loose and com­pact pow­der or bronzer.

Using the cor­rect tools will give you a pro­fes­sional fin­ish to your makeup application.


Crown brushes which are very good quality



This is my favorite liner brush


Illa­masqua brushes

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Well, after a long break I am start­ing up my blog again. This first blog is all about me, but my blogs will be back on track after this.

Last year, I was diag­nosed with breast can­cer through a rou­tine mam­mo­gram. I had a biopsy, a call back and was told I had breast can­cer. Noth­ing can pre­pare you for that. Within 2 weeks I had a lumpec­tomy, fol­lowed by a mas­tec­tomy and recon­struc­tion. I am very lucky it was caught in time and that I didn’t have to have radio­ther­apy or chemotherapy.

I have met some won­der­ful, brave women on this jour­ney and I wish you all the very best of health and hap­pi­ness wher­ever you are.

I was lucky that our hos­pi­tal had started rou­tine mam­mo­grams for women from the age of 45 years. I had no symp­toms or vis­i­ble lumps and was healthy. So, ladies make time and go for these rou­tine checks.

I would like to thank all my fam­ily and friends for their sup­port and help through this very dif­fi­cult time. And of course, a big thank you to Clat­ter­bridge Hos­pi­tal the consultants/​surgeons, nurs­ing staff and my GP. I could not have got through this with­out you.

Why choose a make-​up artist for your wed­ding day

There are so many things to con­sider in prepa­ra­tion for your wed­ding day, and I would con­sider hav­ing a make-​up artists as a pri­or­ity (a lit­tle bias I know), obvi­ously not loos­ing sight of what the day is about, your com­mit­ment to each other.

The morn­ing of your wed­ding day should be a pam­per­ing, relax­ing and enjoy­able start of your day hav­ing your hair and make-​up done by a pro­fes­sional.

The mem­ory of your day is going to be your pho­tographs or video so to look your best, make-​up is a must. There is a skill to apply­ing make-​up for photography/​video it can be used to enhance your fea­tures and no you don’t need to be caked in it, but wear­ing a block of colour such a ivory or white will drain you of colour so your dress becomes the focus point of the pic­ture, and no mat­ter how beau­ti­ful it is I can assure you your part­ner will want to see you. The make-​up appli­ca­tion should work in doors, out­side and through into the evening with­out you hav­ing to touch it. The only prod­ucts you will need for the day is your lip­stick or gloss to reap­ply after you have eaten and a pow­der com­pact just in case you get a lit­tle hot this will reduce your shine for those that party hard.

Wed­ding Make-​up, Will I still look like me?

When I see Brides for their consultation/​practice one of the things I am asked is, “will I still look like me?”

Some peo­ple do actu­ally look totally trans­formed when they wear make-​up for exam­ple Kate Moss she takes on a num­ber of guises from rock chick to sophis­ti­cated super model.

When a pro­fes­sional has com­pleted your make-​up appli­ca­tion, you will/​should look dif­fer­ent, on your wed­ding day you will have a won­der­ful wed­ding dress and be happy with an excited glow about you. It will be you but dif­fer­ent in a good way you are about to start a new chap­ter in your life.

Before I apply your make-​up I look at your indi­vid­ual face shape, skin type lis­ten to what t it is you want before I come up with a look, which will work. Colours will be cho­sen to com­pli­ment the colours you have cho­sen for your wed­ding party and a make-​up appli­ca­tion applied which will work indoors out doors and from day through to evening.

Pro­fes­sion­als do there very best to make you look even more beau­ti­ful for your wed­ding day. You are our best adver­tise­ment, and it is def­i­nitely you!

Make Up Before PictureMake Up After Picture

Cather­ine Bobby’s Bridal Ser­vice

Cather­ine Bobby only books in one wed­ding a day so does not rush off but will stay and help until you leave to get mar­ried. For the past 16 years Cather­ine Bobby has worked closely with peo­ple in the wed­ding indus­try, so she will not only cre­ate your desired Bridal look with your make-​up and hair which is agreed at your consultation/​practice but has the exper­tise to help you get into your dress, fit your tiara, veil and make sure you get to your cer­e­mony on time. Cather­ine will also help with the rest of your wed­ding party fit­ting fas­ci­na­tors, cor­sages, ties etc. There is no extra charge; it is all part of her ser­vice for a stress free start to your day.